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Oral Irrigation

Dr. Matt here.  I am so excited by the Oral Breeze Irrigator.  I have one installed in my shower.  I use it every time that I take a shower.  You simply divert a little shower water with the installed valve and use the pencil like handle to deliver the irrigator water through the long hose […]

Your Beautiful Smile

Here is another of my favorite things:  Invisalign “Clearly” the Best Choice for a Better Smile So this is the question:  How many of you out there (like me) had retainers and at some point stopped wearing them?  So sad when you notice your teeth are shifting and you try to put the retainers in again. […]

Appliance care

Dr. Matt here.  Oh, boy it is time to go to bed.  This is my favorite part of the day, lately.  When I sleep.  When I sleep.  I am now silent.  I say that twice because I haven’t always slept so deeply.  I do not have sleep apnea although I snore so loud that know […]

Good Morning

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I find that I have a killer headache. Most often after getting up and moving around a bit, it subsides. During these times I notice a sort of dull ache around my back teeth, particularly the upper area. Often during sleep, we clench and or grind our […]

Healthy local food is the best choice in keeping our bodies and smiles healthy

We are very fortunate to have access to so many different kinds of food today, particularly the local bounty available to us right now at our local farmers markets and fresh local produce stands. From a health perspective, we all should make an effort to stay away from highly processed foods. Most of them have […]

Fisher Jones Family Dentistry

Hello Everyone, We are entering a new level of connection to our community by posting blogs.  Hopefully, we all will get to know each other better and can open dialogs about our office, what is happening in the world of dentistry, the great and diverse  communities of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater and any of the […]