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February is Dental Health Month

Every February, the dental community comes out in full force to raise awareness of dental health.  At Fisher Jones Family Dentistry we are highly active in the community every month of the year, but in February we become very active!  We will be visiting at least seven classrooms throughout the month to educate youngsters on […]

Eat Dark Chocolate for Healthy Teeth

It’s Valentine’s Week at Fisher Jones Family Dentistry and our tradition is to hand out candy to our patients who pay us a visit. Candy, you say? Well it’s not to create more work for ourselves, that wouldn’t be right. It is actually a way to help you achieve a healthier dentition. That’s because we […]

Go Red Day

February 1st is National Wear Red Day, a campaign to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and its affect on women. In 2003 the American Heart Association faced a challenge.  How could it communicate to the general population that cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of 500, 000 women each year? Known as the “older man’s disease,” […]