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Dental Nutrition Summary

Dr. Matt here, A well-balanced diet along with adequate amounts of vitamin C is important for good oral tissue health. Calcium is important as well for bone growth and maintenance (this includes the teeth), as well as muscle and nerve control, and blood clotting. (Note that after a person’s late 20’s, bone growth stops and […]

An epidemic of tooth decay in children

Dr. Garrett here!  Earlier this month USA Today published an article titled: “Young Kid’s Tooth Decay Hits Epidemic Proportions.” It was a very well written article discussing the various factors that are causing children across the country to have such high rates of dental cavities.  Here in Thurston County, we have above average rates of […]

Coenzyme Q10 and its Role in the Reducing Periodontal Disease

  Dr. Jim here! Current research from the Mayo Clinic is suggesting that Conenzyme Q10 may aid in helping us battle periodontal disease. Coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquenol, is a fat soluble vitamin like substancefound in nearly every cell in the human body.  CoQ10 is found in many dietary substances, including organ meats like liver, […]