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Floss alternatives?

Dr. Matt here. On Friday November 16, 2012 I received my new Phillips Sonicare Airflosser. It was neatly packaged and easy to get going. I charged it for the recommended time, read the directions and on Saturday was into the maiden voyage. The Airflosser handle is about as large as a banana in girth and […]

“Insurance” Math for Patients Who Don’t Like Math or Insurance

We have a guest columnist for this issue of the Fisher Jones Family Dentistry Blog. He is Marshal Brickeen. We like his perspective on dental plans and their role in your dental care. This has become an important issue as plan benefits decrease and restrictions and exclusions increase. We hope you find this article informative […]

Simple Pathways to a Whiter Smile

I love coffee. Most people enjoy beverages with color like coffee, tea, red wine, or soda. One of the side effects of these beverages is that it dulls the color of your pearly whites. I noticed this morning that my smile is in need of a whitening boost. What to do? There are essentially three […]