Floss alternatives?

Dr. Matt here. On Friday November 16, 2012 I received my new Phillips Sonicare Airflosser. It was neatly packaged and easy to get going. I charged it for the recommended time, read the directions and on Saturday was into the maiden voyage. The Airflosser handle is about as large as a banana in girth and length. The tip of the air-water blaster fits perfectly against the triangular space between your teeth. The handle must be filled with a little water. I used really warm water as my teeth are sometimes sensitive to cold. The port that you put the water into looks a lot like an irons. The handle must be primed about 5 times for the water to circulate and be ready to use in the mouth. It makes a clicking noise when you press the large button. You cannot miss it the button is very large. The unit has an separate on/off button that is universal in look and has a light when it is on and charged fully. I have tried many different hand grip positions and have not decided which I am most comfortable with. The main purpose of your grip is to position the tip of the clear tube that will deliver the air-water blast to the area between the teeth. You position it and press the button. You repeat this until you have interrupted the debris between each and every tooth. It didn’t take too long for me to feel how clean the result was. I am going to use it exclusively for a week and see how I like it. I usually use the oral breeze irrigator so this is a new trick to add to my shower routine. The charge of the battery is supposed to last about two weeks. I will keep you posted and let you know what my honest opinion. Floss. Don’t Floss, Irrigate, Don’t Irrigate, Airfloss, Don’t Airfloss. What truly is the easiest, quickest way, to keep  the gingiva healthy.


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