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Two Doctors One Problem

Dr. Matt here. Two Doctors for One Problem: Dentists can’t diagnose sleep apnea and Physicians can’t make oral appliances. Working together Fisher Jones Family Dentistry and Sleep center Physicians we can help you get well and cope with your condition.  Typically through a conversation we suspect Sleep Apnea and advise that you get a sleep […]

Tissue Grafting

Dr. Garrett here!  Many of us have what is called “gum recession.”  This is when the gum tissue covering the roots of our teeth begins to migrate down the surface of the root.  Recession can be caused by many things, but the main causes are: clenching and/or grinding your teeth, brushing too hard, and periodontal […]

Biofilms and Your Mouth

  Biofilms and Your Mouth What are They? Bio = living Film = a sticky layer. Biofilms are groups of bacteria that live in a moist environment. Biofilms can be helpful or harmful, depending on where they are found. They can be helpful on rocks in a stream because it can form the base of […]