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Invisalign for your health!

Dr. Garrett here! Many people look at orthodontics simply as a way of making their smile more cosmetic. Although this is a result of ortho, there are many other benefits to having proper tooth alignment. Here is a wonderful video demonstrating how orthodontics can help not only improve your smile, but also help prevent the […]

Easy Oral Hygiene

Dr. Matt here. I want you to be aware of how well you can take care of yourself between your dental checkups. Besides eating a variety of foods and getting enough quality sleep there are two personal care items that we recommend highly. They are Sonicare toothbrushes by Phillips ( and the Shower Pick by Oral […]

Tooth Avulsion (knocked out tooth due to trauma): Attention: Coaches, Parents and Kids!

Dr. Jim here! As a follow up to Dr. Garrett’s post on athletic mouth guards, I wanted to talk about tooth avulsion also known as the complete loss of a permanent tooth out of its aveolar socket, usually by trauma. This is something we typically see during the summer when kids are more active,  and […]


Dr. Garrett checking in!  As football season get’s under way, I am reminded instantly of the frequent mouth injuries we see in the office this time of year.  Mouth injuries that could have easily been prevented if a mouthguard was worn.  From youth beginners to weekend warriors, it is very important that you protect your […]