Easy Oral Hygiene

Dr. Matt here. I want you to be aware of how well you can take care of yourself between your dental checkups. Besides eating a variety of foods and getting enough quality sleep there are two personal care items that we recommend highly. They are Sonicare toothbrushes by Phillips (www.sonicare.com) and the Shower Pick by Oral Breeze (www.oralbreeze.com).

Sonicare is based on innovative patented sonic technology.  That is what makes it so effective.  High frequency and high amplitude motions create a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluids deep into the tight spaces between your teeth and along the gum line, which results in a cleaner and healthier mouth.  Oral irrigators are a great adjunct to dental flossing by pulsing a small stream of water at a high pressure in between your teeth.  This helps loosen plaque and any food particles from between your teeth helping in the fight against gingivitis and  bleeding gums.


Oral Breeze irrigators come in a variety of options and sizes such as counter top models, portable handhelds, and even ones that can attach to your shower or faucet.  These devices are perfct for helping anyone maintain a healthy clean mouth.  Our favorite is the Shower Breeze.  During your shower you divert a little water into the patented valve and point the irrigator tip at the tooth-gum interface.  The water flow dislodges food particles and promotes healthy tissue changes.

There are many dental hygiene products to choose from.  Sonicare and Oral Breeze are two of our favorites.  Smiles to you and see you at your checkup. 🙂

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