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Platelet-rich Plasma for better healing

  Dr. Garrett here!  I recently added a very exciting new treatment to procedures that involve the grafting of bone and/or tissue.  It is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP for short) and it is a revolutionary way to improve healing in areas undergoing surgery. Our blood is composed of many cells that perform numerous functions throughout […]

Going “Beast Mode” on your teeth!

Dr. Garrett here.  Yesterday was an amazing day for football fans in the Pacific Northwest, as our Seattle Seahawks won their first ever Super Bowl!  They crushed their opponent, the Denver Broncos, and carried the spirit of the 12th man all the way to the East Coast.  One of my favorite players on the team […]

Uh Oh! I cracked my tooth!

Dr. Garrett here!  With the holiday season fast approaching we have many wonderful things to look forward to.  Meals with family, travelling, gifts, and sharing time with our loved ones are just a few of the great things about the holidays.  At my house, Thanksgiving is an absolute feast as my wife Allison has a […]

Invisalign for your health!

Dr. Garrett here! Many people look at orthodontics simply as a way of making their smile more cosmetic. Although this is a result of ortho, there are many other benefits to having proper tooth alignment. Here is a wonderful video demonstrating how orthodontics can help not only improve your smile, but also help prevent the […]

Your child’s first dental visit

Dr. Garrett checking in!  We are asked very often by new parents about the appropriate time to bring in their children for their first dental visit.  According to the American Association for Pediatric Dentistry, the correct time is when their very first tooth shows through!  That seems extremely early to most, as that sometimes means […]

Local News

Dr. Matt here.  Doc’ do I need a shot?  Yes, you will need some local anesthetic to be comfortable during the planned procedure. These words bring people a lot of anxiety.  It may be a specific fear or a generalized thing. Either way it can be a treatment hurdle for some people. Some patients develop […]

In-Office Teeth Whitening: just in time for summer!

Dr. Jim here- Fisher Jones is please to announce that we have incorporated a new in-office teeth whitening system:  PolaDay For some time now, we have been looking for an in- office whitening system that is more time sensitive and doesn’t require the high intensity blue light than we currently use with our whitening product […]

Saliva is a beautiful thing.

Dr. Matt here. Saliva is the watery secretion in our mouths that comes from the glands. The primary glands are located under the tongue (submandibular) and in the cheeks (parotid). There are also many minor secretory glands. Saliva’s functions are tasting, chewing and swallowing of foods, moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches […]

Picking the right toothpaste

Dr. Garrett here! I want to take a quick minute or two to talk about how to pick the right toothpaste for your teeth. Going to the grocery store to pick out a toothpaste can be an overwhelming endeavor. There seems to be more toothpaste than you can imagine! So how in the world are […]

Tissue Grafting

Dr. Garrett here!  Many of us have what is called “gum recession.”  This is when the gum tissue covering the roots of our teeth begins to migrate down the surface of the root.  Recession can be caused by many things, but the main causes are: clenching and/or grinding your teeth, brushing too hard, and periodontal […]