Your child’s first dental visit

Dr. Garrett checking in!  We are asked very often by new parents about the appropriate time to bring in their children for their first dental visit.  According to the American Association for Pediatric Dentistry, the correct time is when their very first tooth shows through!  That seems extremely early to most, as that sometimes means under 6 months old.  I love this rule of thumb though because it makes the decision very simple.  In addition, it allows us to build a very firm early foundation for lifelong oral health.

We like to call this first visit a “fun visit.”  The main goal is proper parent education.  We run through all the important information that the parents will need to keep their child on track for a cavity-free life.  We also like to take a quick peek inside the child’s mouth, which requires quick reflexes in order to not get chomped!  Not only does this allow us to check for any obvious abnormalities, but it also introduces your child to the concept of having a dentist check their teeth.  We are all aware that a visit to the dentist can be a frightening proposition for some children (and even some adults!), so it is ideal that we start with a positive experience.  The hope is that for the rest of their lives, they will view a visit to the dentist as a fun and routine part of their lives.

So…as soon as that first little tooth pops through their gums, get your little guy or gal into the office for a visit.  Let’s work together to build a solid foundation of oral health for our youth.

Dr. Garrett and his sons (with mom looking on)



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