In-Office Teeth Whitening: just in time for summer!

Dr. Jim here-

Fisher Jones is please to announce that we have incorporated a new in-office teeth whitening system:  PolaDay

For some time now, we have been looking for an in- office whitening system that is more time sensitive and doesn’t require the high intensity blue light than we currently use with our whitening product ZOOM! This new product is called PolaDay and it has two major advantages over other products;  it is a product that requires less time, and activates with out the need for a blue light.   In fact, our clinical trials indicate we can achieve excellent whitening results in one hour compared to the 3+ hours with ZOOM!

I tried this product last week and found my teeth whitened 5 shades in one hour! I hadn’t done any in- office whitening since I was a test subject in our office for ZOOM! when we first introduced it many years ago.  The one hour chair time in the Fisher Jones offices was, as always, very enjoyable and very comfortable. I did experience some post procedure “zings” on my teeth, similar to those sometimes experienced with the ZOOM! product, but they subsided overnight and I felt completely comfortable the next morning. This sensitivity indicates that some of the bleaching molecules  migrate towards the nerves of the teeth. However, the sensitivity was only present  in the lower front teeth.  These are  the smallest teeth in the mouth which tend to have dental nerves closer to the surface of the teeth. It is a sensation that is temporary and does not harm your teeth.

So if you have been hesitant to make an appointment for in- office teeth whitening because of the time in the chair and/or the blue light used for activation of the bleaching product, we have the answer for you!  One hour and you will have a whiter smile just in time for summer! Call us today to set up a consultation appointment to discuss PolaDay in- office whitening.

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