Oral Irrigation

Dr. Matt here.  I am so excited by the Oral Breeze Irrigator.  I have one installed in my shower.  I use it every time that I take a shower.  You simply divert a little shower water with the installed valve and use the pencil like handle to deliver the irrigator water through the long hose and onto your teeth and gums.  There is no mess and no ongoing set up like you get with the counter top models available.The feeling of pressure washing your teeth and gums is invigorating.  My mouth has never felt cleaner and healthy.  It is amazing to me that even after flossing my teeth I can still dislodge food particles with my Shower Breeze Oral Irrigator.  Each time I use it I am so thankful for the technology.  I wish that I had invented it, so simple, but so effective.  Check it out they have a Web site (OralBreeze.com) that you can order directly from.

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