Good Morning

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I find that I have a killer headache. Most often after getting up and moving around a bit, it subsides. During these times I notice a sort of dull ache around my back teeth, particularly the upper area. Often during sleep, we clench and or grind our teeth. It maybe due to stress and may come and go but there are long term consequences that should be considered. Clenching and grinding your teeth can cause your teeth to be cold and pressure sensitivive, feel loose (or mobile) and may begin to wear down the enamel. Cracked and worn enamel can lead to the risk of teeth fracturing or breaking.  I will be going in to be fitted for a nightguard next week.  I like my teeth and really enjoy sound and restful sleep.

Okay, so headaches, aching teeth, sensitivity and worn down enamel would never fall into any of the categories of my favorite things!!  However, a nightguard that fits well, allows restful sleep and protects my teeth from wear…. that could easily become one of my favorite things!

Have a good day!

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