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Hello Everyone,

We are entering a new level of connection to our community by posting blogs.  Hopefully, we all will get to know each other better and can open dialogs about our office, what is happening in the world of dentistry, the great and diverse  communities of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater and any of the many tangents we can take from there.

I thought we would just start out with some of our favorite things.  Here’s one for you:

Many of you are aware that Fisher Jones has been supporting education in our communities by donating money to the Olympia and North Thurston Education Foundations every time a new patient comes to our office.  These organizations are doing great work for the students and families.  So our first favorite thing is the Principals Emergency Checkbook Fund that the Olympia School District Education Foundation created about 4 years ago.  Every year, usually about the third Thursday of September, community members are invited to a breakfast at the Olympia Center.  During the breakfast we hear from a number of the districts principals who have had the opportunity to positively impact students lives through the use of the funds raised during the breakfast.  Kids who come to school without coats or any other clothing item may be taken on a shopping trip with the principal to get what they need.  Kids who need glasses but the family cannot afford them, are set up for an appointment and get to choose a pair of glasses (so they can see the board!!).  Some principals have found out that kids are not coming to school because their power has been disconnected or because they have no gas in their car.  Our generous community empowers principals, who know these kids and see their need, to be proactive in taking care and making sure we all are doing everything we can so every child has the opportunity to be successful in school.  The kids come ready to learn, feel safe and cared for and are on their way to becoming the next successful employee you hire and the caring and generous community members of the future.

Paying it forward is definitely one of our favorite things.

You guys are awesome out there.  Keep up the good work.  We will post our next favorite in the next day or two.

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