Healthy local food is the best choice in keeping our bodies and smiles healthy

We are very fortunate to have access to so many different kinds of food today, particularly the local bounty available to us right now at our local farmers markets and fresh local produce stands.

From a health perspective, we all should make an effort to stay away from highly processed foods. Most of them have large amounts of sugar which wreaks havok on our bodies and specifically our oral health; Think fresh. Think healthy teeth and gums for your entire family.

Be aware, be happy and buy fresh and buy local. Find out what is in season and enjoy it. Vist the downtown Olympia,  westside Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey Farmers Markets as well as Grub and Lattins Cider Mill.  The fall season is here and there are so many choices. It’s been a great time to enjoy the fresh “stone fruits” such as plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds as well as the standard autumn fare of Washington apples and pears.  Lots of vegetables including corn on the cob, root vegetables, tomatos and peppers.

This is another of our favorite things.  Support the community and enjoy the autumn bounty.


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