Vigilance Diligence

Dr. Matt here. Keeping up with your oral health. Six months goes by so fast and you are due again. Seems like I was just there. “I wish I had brushed and flossed more often. What are my oral health care providers going to say?” “I am just so busy there really isn’t time.” Here are some real time savers that are huge that will help you become more diligent and vigilant. Go to the store and look in the dental section. Scan all the items and look for pre strung flossers. They come in a big bag in all shapes and sizes. The flossers are all basically the same. They have floss and some kind of pick. Buy a pack for your car, one for work and one for home (near your favorite chair). Begin using them daily and pass them out to friends. I know it sounds weird but it will help you stay on track. The next tip is when you brush your teeth look at a clock and try and do the activity for at least two minutes. Most people brush their teeth for only 20 seconds. Two minutes will seem like an eternity, however you will get used to it. Some of the automatic brushes Sonicare and Oral B have a built in timer for two minutes. If you use a manual toothbrush for two minutes it has an equal effect, the time spent is most important. Put an extra brush in the car and at work. I think that it is still legal to dry brush and drive. Put a brush at your desk. Another time saving tip is to buy an Oral Breeze Shower Irrigator. This is a pressure washer for your teeth and gums that you install in the shower and leave it there. There is no countertop mess or set up each time that you use it. Link the new activity to something that you already do in the shower. I use mine right after I shampoo my hair. Whatever works for you to make it easier and timely to remember. The best gift that you can give yourself is great teeth and gums. So floss, brush and irrigate often.

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