Teeth Whitening

It seems everywhere you look the world over, everyone is interested in whiter teeth.

You might notice that after you visit your hygienist, your teeth look whiter. Frequently, the stain that makes your teeth appear darker is contained within the plaque and tartar that we remove. Removing those deposits naturally brightens your teeth. You can achieve similar results at home if you take the time to thoroughly remove all the plaque with a soft toothbrush. Your Hygienist can share with you specific techniques that would maximize your plaque removal. We have tablets you can take home with you that stain plaque a bright pick color so that you can check your technique and remove it even more effectively.  If you find that despite all of your efforts, your teeth are not as white as you would like, you can come into the office for a professional bleaching consult with one of our doctors. They can advise you if bleaching trays or our one-day bleaching Zoom technology would be right for you.









If you have questions about either of these procedures, don’t hesitate to ask us about them during your next visit. You can also learn more about these and other interesting topics and technologies by visiting our website at www.fisherjonesfamilydentistry.com

Here is a dental limerick for fun:

She hated her teeth were not brighter

and so sought out a way to go lighter.

The hygienist did preach,

but the dentist used bleach,

and now no one has teeth that are whiter.

-Rachel McKaughan, RDH


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