Your Appointment Reminder

Dr Jim here!
Raise your hand if you have a cell phone or smart phone!
Everywhere I go I see people attached to their iPhone, Droid, S4 etc as if it is their lifeline to the world. I have to admit I am completely reliant on mine as well. They seem to have almost replaced the home telephone answering machine. It is because of this evolution that we have changed the way we communicate with you when we want to remind you of your upcoming appointment.

We have been asking you over the past year or so if you want to be reminded of your appointment by email, text or phone call. This was in preparation of bringing on a service that will give us all of those communication options. The name of the program is Smile Reminders and I wish I had thought of this idea! We now have the ability to send you a text message reminder and email, or phone call. It seems most people prefer text messaging as it comes right to our cell phones no matter where we are. I can tell you that at our home we are often remiss in checking our answering machine voice mail because we hardly use our land line anymore and even more so, check the US postal mailbox even less.

We also now have the ability to ask you some short survey questions about your visits with us in order to make sure we are providing you with the best dental experience possible! As this service continues to evolve, it will make our communications even more efficient.

So look for a text or email from us reminding you of your upcoming appointment with Dr. Matt, Dr. Garrett, myself, or one of our wonderful hygienists. We look forward to seeing you!

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