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Biofilms and Your Mouth

  Biofilms and Your Mouth What are They? Bio = living Film = a sticky layer. Biofilms are groups of bacteria that live in a moist environment. Biofilms can be helpful or harmful, depending on where they are found. They can be helpful on rocks in a stream because it can form the base of […]

Use a Power Toothbrush for the best Dental Health

  POWER   TOOTHBRUSHES contributed by Marie Staley RDH   The toothbrush has been around for nearly 5,000 years.  “Chew sticks,” bone, wood, ivory and hog bristles all make up the far-reaching history of this instrument of oral health.  The nylon bristled toothbrush that we now use was invented in 1938. The American Dental Association recommends […]

February is Dental Health Month

Every February, the dental community comes out in full force to raise awareness of dental health.  At Fisher Jones Family Dentistry we are highly active in the community every month of the year, but in February we become very active!  We will be visiting at least seven classrooms throughout the month to educate youngsters on […]