New Study on Snoring Shows Evidence for Significant Health Concerns

Dr. Matt here.  I wanted to give you a health update that we were just made aware of.  It is about snoring.  Here at Fisher Jones Family Dentistry we have been helping people to control their snoring with an oral appliance that you wear when ever you sleep.  It has saved many relationships.  Recently had an article by some responsible people that talked about a study that was done suggesting that snoring be added to the risk factors of developing  cardiovascular disease.  It seems that the people that snore may have changes in their arteries which control proper perfusion.  It may be an early warning sign like High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol, High saturated fat diet, Genetic predisposition, diabetes, etc.  So if you snore get checked by your physician.  They will determine the extent of the problem.  They may suggest a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea; a condition where you actually stop breathing while sleeping.  This new information is not meant to be directly interpreted as cause and effect.  The medical people have just seen that snoring may be more of a concern and have more to do with long term health that they first thought.  Get checked and if it is just snoring we can help you be fitted for a anti-snoring appliance, like the TAP 3.


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