Dr Matt here,  Patients ask me everyday, Hey are you putting on weight? or Hey you are getting losing weight?  This is all in the same day.  They ask me do I work out?  Where do I work out?  What kind of diet do I have?   Am I on a diet?

So here is what I like to do.  I like to be able to do anything at anytime.  If I want to run, I run.  If I want to walk, I walk.  If I want to ride a bike, I ride a bike.  I work on staying flexible.  Stretching.  I like to throw myself on the floor and get up as fast as I can. I play all sports and I have my favorites.  I play catch.  I kick a ball around.  If there is sporting equipment I pick it up and use it. Tonight after dinner my son Madison and I went out and Longboard skateboarded (check out the video below!).  The feeling of the free ride downhill or pumping up the hill.  The wind in your face as you are carving turns going faster than you can run.  Yes, I wear a helmet.  I wear whatever protection is required for the given activity.  I don’t worry so much about how much I weigh but how much I can do with what I currently weigh.  I don’t have a formal workout.  I do like free weights, I have two. I like the big ball to stretch my back and abdomen.  I like how it feels on my core.  I like pushups, sit-ups, and just dancing around to music.  I like to be moving.  I park far away from stores to enjoy the walk. I often walk to work. I am not on a diet but love to eat everything and have a variety.  I tried millet for the first time tonight and farro last year.  I enjoy making my food that I eat from scratch. I like meat and vegetables, all kinds.  Sometimes I feel heavy and sometimes light.  If I find that I cannot do something I work at it until I can.  I hope this dispels the mystery and gives you some ideas to get up off the couch and enjoy the Pacific Northwest rain or shine.

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