Does Red Wine Prevent Tooth Decay?

Dr. Jim here! A recent study conducted at Pavia University in Italy suggests that, indeed, red wine can help prevent tooth decay. the study used wine that had its alcohol removed so that they could verify the antibacterial of properties of wine without the influence of ethanol.
The study involved using extracted teeth, saliva, the main bacteria that causes decay, strep mutans, and red wine. When the de-alcholoized red wine was mixed with saliva and strep mutans, it was found the red wine prevented the bacteria from adhering to the surface of teeth and saliva.
Researchers determined that the active components that protect teeth are proanthocyanidins, naturally occurring flavonoid compounds previously found to have antioxidant properties. The compounds are found is edible plants such as apples, cinnamon, cocoa and teas. So imagine the double benefit of having some dark chocolate with your wine!
It seems every year we find more benefits from wine, which is just fine with us. But this news can add a whole new dimension to a dental practice. If we could figure out a way to put a wine bar in our reception area we just might give more people a good reason to come and visit us!  So the next time you have a glass of red wine, toast to the prevention of tooth decay and enjoy!

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