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Panoramic What’s that?

Dr. Matt here, Panoramic imaging, A “Pano” is a very important diagnostic tool. The x-ray called a Panoramic is a two dimensional capture of the entire mouth in a single exposure, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding tissues. Pano’s allow us to evaluate for the presence of cysts, tumors, cancer, trauma, third […]

Health History and HIPPA

Dr. Matt here, FisherJones Family Dentistry (FJFD) says, “It’s time to update your Health History form”. You, “I did that last time”. FJFD, “I know but that was more than five years ago”. You, “Well there are no changes…………. Did you know that most of your insurance carriers will not help you with your benefits […]

Child Dental Trauma

What do you do when your child has broken or knocked out a tooth? Following these guidelines will help lessen your child’s discomfort and prevent infection. Nearly 50% of children will suffer dental trauma during childhood. Injuries to the mouth and teeth include falling accidents and sports injuries. In all mouth/dental traumas, the first priority […]